Roman Empire Remainders Madrid Outdoor Sports has a wide range of sportive activities, which you can combine with a visit to the beautiful city Segovia. After your sportive activity, you can enjoy the culture of the city calmly. There are a couple of interesting museum and several restaurants to taste the specialties of Segovia. The
The beautiful Lozoya river valley! Cows here are free-range and happy! Sierra Views are fantastic! Go to activities and check out canoeing! Come explore the Lozoya river valley, often described as the most beautiful valley of Madrid’s National Park Sierra de Guadarrama! Find yourself surrounded by nature, blessed with a view of a stunning mountain area!
Castille y Leon! Just outside of Madrid, two hours Northeast lies the desert beauty of Castille y Leon, the arid landscape is full of breathtaking views waiting to be taken in, savour the richness of Spanish culture, both historical and modern! Enrich your mind with luxury and simplicity as they definitely go hand in hand
Why You Should Definitely Visit Asturias! So you are visiting Spain! Probably you are planning to go to Madrid and Barcelona of course! Spain is a place of culture, history, and great tapas, but what is not as well known is the infinity of nature! Here in Spain you have forests, stunning rocks, desert, endless beaches, mountain views, huge





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