Castille Y Leon, Desert rocks just outside of Madrid

Castille y Leon!

Just outside of Madrid, two hours Northeast lies the desert beauty of Castille y Leon, the arid landscape is full of breathtaking views waiting to be taken in, savour the richness of Spanish culture, both historical and modern! Enrich your mind with luxury and simplicity as they definitely go hand in hand here, and please if you are up for it check out the views from La Posada de Santa Quiteria, one of the top five hotels I have stayed at in my life!

The views are incredible! 

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This hotel is totally unique as both a location, and as a place to behold the true beauty of the Castille y Leon Landscape. The landscape here is characterised by red rocks with a distinctly Old Western feel! This hotel has spectacular rooms, with Extra king size beds, fully surrounded by views from dusk until dawn. At night, your mind will simply be blown away by the stars. I know personally I have never seen stars like that. Everything! My mind was imprinting constellations, drawing out little lines, these stars were vivid! The hotel is located on a mountain ridge in the town of Someira. Complete with a pool! The views even see the passing of train cars, this is the true cowboy West of Spain. Just 2 hours outside of the city centre!

To book with Posada Santa Quiteria: 

The desert has long been a source of inspiration for me, the dreamy diversity of rock shades, tree and brush, and grasslands are gently intertwined with the sparse agricultural development of olive tree plantations and many fields of sunflowers. Only the hearty survive in the desert. The simplicity as well as the complexity of the landscape will humble you. Driving out here there is no one! I mean no one. During my stay at La Posada de Santa Quiteria, I asked the owner about a good restaurant to which he responded, “you are going to have to drive around for that one”, luckily the food at Posada de Santa Quiteria was incredible. I enjoyed a black rice with bacon and mushrooms and a ox tail in a wine sauce reduction. The meat is the real specialty of the region! Essentially everything that can be grilled (parrilla!) is spot- on delicious!

Siguenza, a charming Don Quijote town!

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Travelling further around Castille y Leon let me take you to the splendid open vistas of Siguenza. A great place for a salmorejo con jamon y huevo (iberian ham and eggs) and if you are up for it, suckling pig. I warn you you might be horrified, but if you can get over the visual presentation it is probably some of the best pork you will ever eat in your life!  Amazing!

This is the country of Don Quijote fame! This is the area of famed wine Ribera del Duero. It is well worth a visit for views alone! Life is simple and incredibly beautiful.

Solace and charm are abound in the little towns dotting Castille y Leon!

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Roadside Views!


The towns around here are downright charming! Mostly croquetas (fried ham and cheese) and cañas (local term for a simple glass of beer) there is not much else beside the warmth of landscape, thorough relaxation, tranquility and solace!

Renting a car and exploring Castille y Leon is a great idea if you are around Madrid and looking for something to do in addition to any of the great outdoors experiences we offer at Madrid Outdoor Sports!



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