Isolate Crystal Whey


Maximum post-training recovery

Isolate Crystal Whey is a protein of the highest purity composed of whey isolate and L-Glutamine of superior quality, assuring you optimal muscular recovery after your training sessions. The extra supply of L-Glutamine per serving assures the preservation of muscular mass, preventing undesired catabolism (destruction of muscular tissue) that can result from high-intensity training sessions.  Fat-free, Carb-free, and lactose-free, Isolate Crystal Whey is easily digestible and ideal for avoiding gains in fats and, instead, encouraging the development of strong, lean muscle mass.




Isolate Crystal Whey is composed by:

Whey Isolate: A source of protein rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s. BCAA’s have been demonstrated to combat the sensation of fatigue and they play a very important rolein effective muscular recovery.

Fat-free, Lactose-free, Carb-free: This favors faster digestibility, and therefore, a safe and accelerated muscular recovery. It is ideal for building lean muscle and preventing undesirable gain in fatty mass.

L-Glutamine: A very important amino acid for the reconstruction of muscular tissues. It reducesOver-Training Syndrome (OTS) and improves immune system functions.

– Vitamin B6: Essential for protein metabolism. It plays a fundamental role in the body’s absorption of amino acid, chich are crucial in the diet of every athlete.

Calcium: A crucial element in the processes of muscular contraction and relaxation as well as rpoper nervous system functions. It also participates in blood coagulation, the release of hormones, intestinal absorption and secretion, and is fundamental for our skeletal health.

Isolate Crystal Whey is an advanced, highly sophisticated protein which remains transparent when mixedwith water due to its high level of purity. They idealtime for use is directly as follwing intense athletic activity. However, it is a fantastic dietary complement at any time of the day, providing the athlete with a fast, effective, and easily digestible protetein nutrition.





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