Energy Boost Gummies


Delicious Energy

Victory Endurance introduces the new Energy Boost Gummies, its Energy Boost formula in solid form. An ideal fruit-based combination in form of gums; same composition of carbohydrate, amino acids, electrolytes and vitamins as their most technical gels, Boost Energy Gels.



Victory Endurance’s Energy Boost Gummies provide energy during exercise, delay fatigue and improve performance.

Their proven composition contains:

Mix of Carbohydrates: from fruit pulp (10%), sucrose and glucose syrup, combined in the right proportions to provide immediate but also durable energy.
Branched amino acids (BCAAs): these essential amino acids are indispensable for muscle recovery. They are able to get into the energy cycles, providing energy and delaying fatigue. Also fight the feeling of tiredness or “central fatigue syndrome” in the brain.
L-Arginine: this amino acid is a Nitric Oxide precursor, an important vasodilator that allows us to improve the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Important amino, which takes part in the process of removing toxins, released during exercise.
L-Taurine: An amino acid that improves osmoregulation processes, important in endurance sports. Improves assimilation of other nutrients.
Electrolytes: In endurance sports restoring electrolyte balance of the cell is essential for producing good muscle response. For this we add:
Sodium: The most important mineral for its ability to rehydrate the cell, essential for the normal functioning of the muscles.
Potassium is involved in acid-base balance, muscle contraction and neuromuscular activity. Facilitates water retention.
Chlorine: Critical for maintaining water balance as it facilitates the absorption of fluids.
Vitamins B6 and B1: Important in protein and energy metabolism. Combined ingest can improve motor skills.

For its composition, texture and delicious flavors Energy Boost Gummies are the most complete in the market, bringing in this new format all you need to avoid fatigue and improve performance.





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