Cantio 41C – Isotonic Drink


Cantio 41ºC

is a sports drink

which provides the necessary carbohydrates and electrolytes you need to hydrate during training or a race.

Also, 41C Cantio contains the amino acids L-arginine and L-ornithine to optimize your performance.



Cantio 41C

is an hypotonic drink that improves athletes’ performance before and during intense activity.

As a hypotonic drink, Cantio 41C provides the athlete’s body with the minerals, vitamins, amino acids and a unique blend of carbohydrates which acts before peak performance.

Cantio 41C is a hypotonic beverage developed specifically with minerals, amino acids and carbohydrates of low and high molecular weight.

With this innovative combination of active substances, the body rapidly receives minerals and energy fluids.htand L-ornithine, producing a vasodilator effect which, in its turn, promotes blood circulation. It also stimulates muscle metabolism, so it should be taken just before the warming up phase.

Better Performance

Cantio 41C ‘s special blend of carbohydrate with low, medium and high molecular weight, combined with a low total glycemic index, cause the blood glucose level to moderately increase at the beginning of the performance stage.

The high percentage of hydrolyzed corn starch in the mixture of carbohydrates ensures that the body receives an even power supply during activity.

Longer Energy Duration

Consequently it is possible to significantly increase the energy duration  even 23% to the highest level of individual effort.¡Evidenced by four trials!

Constant glucose level

Clinical studies show that Cantio 41C maintains the level of blood glucose over a practically constant time interval of between 60 and 90 minutes minimum.



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