I want to do an activity with MADRID OUTDOOR SPORTS or buy a product from their Shop. Before doing so, I understand that:

  1. If I contract an activity with MADRID OUTDOOR SPORTS, I assume all the risks during this activity and I state having read and understood all legal policies described here.
  2. MADRID OUTDOOR SPORTS cannot take any responsibility for deaths, injuries or incidents that may arise during activities.
  3. MADRID OUTDOOR SPORTS always checks the quality and state that their Nutritional Products are in before shipment takes place. MADRID OUTDOOR SPORTS cannot take any responsibility for problems related to the quality of the Nutritional Products after these have been shipped.
  4. The majority of the activities imply physical exercise and effort and I should be in sufficient physical condition to participate, being aware of my own physical limitations. I should stop any physical activity before putting my health at risk.
  5. I should communicate any special health condition, medical condition or medication that could affect my participation in the activity to MADRID OUTDOOR SPORTS before participating.
  6. The activities can (partially) take place in settings open to regular vehicular and pedestrian traffic. All traffic rules apply to each individual participant of the activities.
  7. Therefore, MADRID OUTDOOR SPORTS cannot be held responsible for any possible harm caused by traffic or disobedience by participants of local traffic laws during the activities.
  8. Participants should act on their guide’s instructions throughout the activities.
  9. MADRID OUTDOOR SPORTS is not responsible for the provision of food or drinks during the activities.
  10. Participants younger than 18 can only participate in the company of an adult with legal responsibility over the minor.

Cancellation policy:

  • If cancellation is done by us (because of weather or other circumstances) we ALWAYS refund the entire deposit.
  • If cancellation is done by you:
    1. More than 48 hours in advance, deposit is fully refundable.
    2. Less than 48 hours in advance, half of the deposit is refundable.








Upcoming Tours

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  2. Center Madrid Running Tour
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  3. Run Like an Egyptian Running Tour
    1:00 pm - 2:30 pm